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NCD Churches

Book_Schwarz_natural_church_development.jpgThe Natural Church Development resource pages are designed to provide insights into the implementation process for improving one of the eight quality factors as determined from a Natural Church Development survey and based on the work of Christian Schwarz (Natural Church Development).

"Through careful research, Christian Schwarz has verified the link between church health and growth. Having worked among German churches for a number of years, he has broadened his studies to include churches from around the world. To my knowledge, there has never been such an extensive, statistically valid, worldwide church growth research project ever conducted." --Robert E. Logan, from the Preface of Natural Church Development by Christian A. Schwarz

NCD Resources

Summary of NCD Research

A brief summary of the NCD research project, its results, and key principles.

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NCD Quality Characteristics

A chart that summarizes the eight quality characteristics of a healthy church.

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NCD Biotic Principles

A chart that summarizes the six biotic principles at work in every living system including the church.

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NCD Links

ChurchSmart Resources
The website for ChurchSmart Resources where you can order Natural Church Development and other helpful resources.

The website of church consultant and coach, Bob Logan, with recommended resources on Natural Church Development.

Natural Church Development International
The website of the Institute for Natural Church Development and Christian Schwarz.

Introducing NCD

Natural Church Development has been called a paradigm shift in the Christian community on the scale of the Reformation. It moves the understanding of the nature of the church closer to its first century roots by emphasizing the truth that only God causes His church to grow and that God has provided a way of growth for churches that is natural.

Taking the good things from the Church Growth Movement of the latter twentieth century, it decries the unhealthy emphases that imply that church growth is accomplished mainly by the skills and acumen of men in using scientific studies and formulas. This obviously does not mean that NCD doesn't use "scientific" methods or measurement. It means it recognizes that church growth is a spiritual phenomenon similar to the natural phenomenon of a plant growing or a garden growing. People can aid the natural growth process if they understand it, yet they still don't make the plants or garden grow.

Other Resources at This Site

Natural Church Development

Other NCD resources can be found at the Natural Church Development page.

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