Rural Ministry Courses

Dr. Barney Wells teaches the following courses at Lincoln Christian University:

PR 318W Rural and Small Town Ministry. An introduction to ministry in the rural and small-town context, including an exploration of the traditional rural culture and the developing "rurban" culture. The nature of pastoral, evangelistic, and leadership ministry is examined in light of recent demographic changes. (2 college credits)

LS 704 Leading the Church through Change (Same as CD701)  As the cultural context of rural ministry changes, these churches will need to be led through two kinds of change: the change that is forced on them by the changing rural culture, and the change that they must choose to implement if they are to remain effective.  This course equips participants to analyze the changes occurring and needing to occur in their respective ministry contexts and to devise effective strategies for leading their respective churches or parachurch ministries through those changes. (3 seminary credits)

Rural Ministry Links

The Rural Home Missionary Association

The Rural Home Missionary Association headquartered in Morton, IL specializes in planting and strengthening churches in small-town America. They have numerous articles, audio and print resources.

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New Life Ministries

This website includes numerous links to various articles on rural and small church ministry.

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Center for Theology and Land

This Center is a rural ministry program of University of Dubuque Seminary and Wartburg Theological Seminary.  CTL's mission is to strengthen rural churches and their communities.

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Other Resources at This Site


Other rural ministry resources can be found at the Center for American Rural Ministry Studies page.

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