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The Turnaround Churches pages are intended to help leaders of plateaued or declining churches develop strategies that will ignite renewed vision for growth.  You can learn from others how they have applied the principles from George Barna's book, Turnaround Churches and Gene Wood's book, Leading the Turnaround Church.

Turnaround Pastor Helps

Turnaround Pastor Checklist

Here is an assessment instrument from Fresh Start Ministries that will help you understand the demands of turnaround ministry and determine how well-suited you are for leading a church through the turnaround process.

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Other Resources at This Site

Congregational Assessment

Find other turnaround church resources at the Congregational Assessment page.

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Helpful Articles

Approaching Organizational Change

An article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that provides fresh perspective on how to replace organizational rigidity with organizational fluidity.

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Conflict in the Church

An article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that addresses the cause, prevention, and management of conflict in the church.

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Deciding Your Outreach Strategies

An article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that contrasts the "Come & Hear" approach with the "Go & Tell" approach to evangelism--an excellent discussion starter for church leaders.

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Four Priorities for Church Unity

An article by Bob Humphrey helping churches focus on the essentials.

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Planning, a Path to the Future

An article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that answers the question, "Why plan?"

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Some Thoughts About Change

An article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that provides insights into the process of change, the phases of change, and an excellent bibliography on change.

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When People Abandon Ship

An insightful article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that helps church leaders understand why some people leave a church and what to do about it.

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Why Do Churches Die?

A timely article by Bob Humphrey of Fresh Start Ministries that gives church leaders a better understanding of the spiritual, social, and systemic disorders that may lead to a local church's demise.

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Leadership Resources

How to Change Your Church

Book_Appel_HowChangeChurch.jpgIn this book two well-experienced church leaders, Alan Nelson & Gene Appel, share what they have learned in leading their congregations through change. As Bill Hybels observes in the FOREWORD, you will see from their experiences how "they adapted their followers to new wineskins without confusing or compromising the timeless truths of the gospel."

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Leading in Times of Change

Book_Galloway_LeadingTimesChange.jpgIn this book Dale Galloway, Dean of the Beeson Institute, shares the insights of  his pastoral experience along with other proven change agents such as John Maxwell, Elmer Towns, Mike Breaux, William Hinson, Gene Appel, and Jim Garlow.  This book will help you develop a successful strategy for knowing how to initiate change in your congregation.

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Leading Turnaround Churches

Book_Wood Turnaround_Churches.jpgLeading turnaround churches is one of the most pressing challenges facing every denomination in America. We know that plateaued ministries soon become dying institutions if they are not guided by turnaround leaders. Where will these leaders come from? How will we recognize them? What steps must they take to change the downward spiral? The author offers hope for a turnaround situation and explores topics such as: How to assess if you are a turnaround leader, scenarios that contribute to plateau and decline, obstacles to initiating change, and how to develop a compelling vision for the church.

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