Don Green

"My passion is to equip more leaders to become more effective leaders who will lead more churches to become more proactive churches that will produce more disciples to become more productive disciples.”


"Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God's agenda for their life and ministry, and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become a reality." --Bob Logan of CoachNet.

Church Consultation

Congregational Assessment (conducting an analysis of the systems, structures, and processes that are essential for church health and church growth)

Effective Ministry Teams (implementing a system of organizing the various functions of the church’s ministry into ministry teams)

Leadership Development (establishing an ongoing process for leadership development, selection, and organization)

Natural Church Development (conducting a Natural Church Development survey and follow-up consultation in the implementation process)

Strategic Planning (establishing an ongoing process of clarifying vision, mission, and values and developing strategies that will shape the church’s future)

Before engaging in any of these services the following may be required:

  • a letter signed by both the minister and a representative of the eldership
  • a completed congregational questionnaire
  • a covenant of expectations that sets forth the consultant’s role and responsibilities and the congregation’s role and responsibilities

Church Development

Welcome to the Church Development webpage.  As a Church Development consultant, Don Green, brings 15 years of local church ministry experience with small, medium, and large churches and more than 25 years of classroom experience to this ministry.

Don is a Certified Church Consultant with the Society of Church Consulting, a Natural Church Development Coach, and a Church Development Institute consultant. He has also been trained in Turnaround Church Assessment, Mentoring Churches, and in the use of Your Leadership Grip Enhanced by the Birkman Method. In an effort to help the church become all that God intends for her to be, Don is available for church assessments, consultations, and seminars. Check out other services offered by the Church Ministries office at

Donald L. Green Vita

Director and Professor of Leadership
Lincoln Christian University                                                                                                                                                
Seminary/Hargrove School of Adult & Graduate Studies
100 Campus View Drive
Lincoln, IL 62656

Born in Olney, IL, raised in Albion, IL, and married to Margaret Ann Powless of Flora, IL. They have one married daughter, Lara Morrissette of Springfield, IL


  • Graduated from Edwards County High School, Albion, IL in 1966
  • Attended Illinois State University, Normal, IL
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Lincoln Christian College in Lincoln, IL with a B.A. degree in Christian Ministries in 1970
  • Graduated from Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, IL with a Master of Divinity degree in New Testament in 1973
  • Granted the Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership and Ministry Management at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL in 2008


  • youth minister at Ashland Church of Christ, Ashland, IL (1967-68)
  • preaching minister at Cheneyville Church of Christ, Hoopeston, IL  (1968-71)
  • preaching minister at Emden Christian Church, Emden, IL (1971-73)
  • preaching minister at Attica Christian Church, Attica, IN (1973-79)
  • preaching minister at Jefferson Street Christian Church, Lincoln, IL (1979-82)


  • Administrative Assistant to the President of Lincoln Christian College and Seminary  from 1982-84
  • Director of Development from 1984-2001
  • Executive Vice President from 1991-2001
  • Vice President of Church Development from 2001-2009
  • Director of Mentored Ministry and an adjunct faculty member of Lincoln Christian Seminary in the area of Leadership Studies since 2001
  • Certified Church Consultant with the Society for Church Consulting since 2007
  • Director and Professor of Leadership with Lincoln Christian University (Seminary/Hargrove School of Adult & Graduate Studies) since 2009

Calibrate Me!

(Excerpt from September 2, 2003 Lincoln Christian College and Seminary's 60th Annual Convocation Message by Don Green)

Calibrate: “to adjust precisely for a particular function” (Webster).  Just as thermometers and televisions, compasses and computers are calibrated to ensure accuracy in fulfilling the function for which they were designed, so we may at times need some calibration to fulfill our function.

If I begin to lose my learning posture and stop growing, calibrate me.
If the attractiveness of my character begins to wane, calibrate me.
If I stop living by my convictions, calibrate me.
If it appears that I will fail to leave behind an ultimate contribution, calibrate me.
If I stop walking in the awareness of my influence and destiny, calibrate me.
If I begin to lose my once vibrant relationship with God, calibrate me.
(Based on J. Robert Clinton, Leadership in the Nineties: Six Factors to Consider, 1992.)

If I have words without actions, calibrate me.
If I display busyness without purpose, calibrate me.
If my calendar fills without a Sabbath, calibrate me.
If I have relationships without mutual nourishment, calibrate me.
If I resort to pastoral personality without self-examination, calibrate me.
If I depend upon natural giftedness without spiritual power, calibrate me.
If I develop an enormous theology without an adequate spirituality, calibrate me.
(Based on Gordon MacDonald, "The Seven Deadly Siphons," Leadership Journal, Winter 1998.)

Church Seminars

Coping Creatively and Constructively with Change (a two-hour seminar that will show you how your church can implement appropriate and planned change from within)

Cultural Challenges Confronting Your Church (a one-hour to three-hour seminar that will identify cultural trends and explore possible responses)

Developing A Strategy for the Future (a two-hour seminar that will assist your church in developing a ministry philosophy and plan that is Biblically sound and culturally relevant)

Developing Conflict Management Skills (a two-hour to four-hour seminar that will help you identify your conflict management style, assess your church’s potential for conflict, and develop your skills in managing conflict)

Discovering the Adventure of Biblical Stewardship (a one-hour to two-hour seminar that examines the way the New Testament uses the stewardship imagery and applies it to the church today)

Discovering the Joy of Christian Giving (a one-hour to two-hour seminar that examines several Biblical examples of giving and focuses on 2 Corinthians 8-9 as an example for the church today)

How to Study the Bible (a two-hour seminar that explores sound principles of Biblical interpretation applied to a study of Colossians 1:15-20)

How to Teach the Bible (a two-hour seminar that examines methods of teaching the Bible with an appreciation for learning styles applied to a lesson on Colossians 1:15-20)

Leading Your Church through Transition (a two-hour seminar that addresses issues related to ministry transition, including the church’s search for a new minister)

Organizing Your Church for Effective Ministry (a two-hour seminar that examines Biblical principles for church organization today)

Praying with Paul (a two-hour to four-hour seminar that examines Paul’s prayers as a model for the church praying today)

Putting First Things First (a two-hour to four-hour seminar that explores issues related to one’s personal mission, priorities, and calling)

Strategic Planning for Fulfilling Mission (a two-hour to four-hour seminar that provides an overview of the strategic planning process and engages the group in several aspects of strategic planning)

Toward a Theology of Worship (a one-hour to three-hour seminar that explores a theology of worship and its implications for the church)

Understanding Group Process and Team Building (a two-hour to four-hour seminar that addresses the dynamics of effective groups and teams)

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