Why An Assessment?

Why should your church hire an outside consultant to conduct a congregational assessment?


Besides being so close that “you can’t see the forest for the trees,” it is extremely difficult for a pastor to be an expert in every area of the church’s ministry.  Therefore, churches benefit greatly from the expertise and objective perspective of a consultant, especially when:

  • they want a total in-depth evaluation of every aspect of their ministry from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective
  • they realize that something is hindering their ministry but are not sure what that something is
  •  they want an unbiased, outside expert to objectively evaluate their community and ministries
  • they realize that the quality of ministries is one of the most common limiting factors in a church, and they want to benchmark the quality of each ministry compared to national norms of other churches, so they can target the exact issues they need to address
  •  they need unity of information to create unity of action
  • they have either plateaued or are declining for more than two years and they want to turn the situation around
  • they have been growing by over 15% a year for more than two years and want to prepare for the barriers they will encounter so they will not be hindered by them.

Who to Contact?

To request more information about a congregational assessment contact Don Green, Certified Church Consultant (217-732-3168) 

What Is Involved?

An on-site consultation that will assess the overall health and vitality of your congregation will typically consist of three phases: 

  •  Diagnosis—Data gathering includes the promotion and administering of a congregational survey as well as the collection of other data from the church office.  This information will be collated prior to the consultation along with other demographic information concerning your community and put into an easily accessible, understandable, and usable form.
  • Prognosis—An assessment of congregational health in light of the data gathered will be presented in both written form and verbally to the church leadership (pastoral staff, church board, ministry team leaders, and other key leaders).  This will include a presentation of principles of church health and growth and how they specifically apply to your church and its current situation.
  • Prescription—Recommendations for action based on the assessment will surface through group discussion (facilitated by the consultant) of the most important applications and critical issues.  This will include training leaders in the process of developing measurable goals and action plans for each area. 

What Is the Cost?

Depending upon the type of survey instrument one chooses the costs will vary from about $250 to about $2500.  The base price includes 50 copies of the survey form, a resource packet, bulletin inserts to promote the survey, and an executive report including a number of helpful graphs.  There is an additional cost for more survey forms, customizing features such as additional sort category development, and shipping and handling charges.  The cost for the on-site consultation which ranges from one to three days is $500 a day or $75 per hour plus expenses.  The costs for congregational assessment can be tailored to meet your congregation's needs, but these costs are often far outweighed by the cost of not conducting such a critical evaluation on a regular basis. 

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