Leadership Resources

Book_Sweet_AquaChurch.jpgIn this book Leonard Sweet  brilliantly identifies and illustrates the essential leadership arts that are necessary for piloting a church in what he calls "today's fluid culture."  Drawing heavily upon navigational terminology, the author shows you how to guide your congregation in this unsteady, unstable, turbulent postmodern world.
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Courageous Leadership
Book_Hybels_CourageousLeadership.jpgIn this book Bill Hybels shares what he has learned about Christian leadership in the nearly 30 years he has pastored Willow Creek Community Church.  He describes 360-degree leaders as those who not only lead north, south, east, and west but also keep the compass needle centered by leading themselves. As Bill frequently says, "The local church is the hope of the world and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders." read more ...

A Fish out of Water
Book_Barna_FishWater.jpgIn this book George Barna explores 9 strategies to maximize God-given leadership potential. Based on research by the Barna Research Group and thousands of interviews with respected leaders, he offers helpful insights and practical concepts for succeeding as a leader. This is a great resource for helping you to assess your leadership style and strengths.
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Leadership Courses

Don Green teaches the following courses at the Seminary:

LS601 Shaping the Heart of A Leader. This course will engage the student in the ongoing process of shaping the heart and developing Christian character for spiritual leadership.  It will promote greater self-awareness through the use of temperament, spiritual gifts, and leadership style inventories, as well as  greater understanding of the influences that shape the heart and build character.  It will further lay the foundation for and explore venues for lifelong self-leadership. (3 credit hours)

LS602 Biblical Leadership for Today.  This course builds on the areas covered in LS 601 by focusing on strategies for identifying, models for developing, and the processes for releasing leaders for ministry.  Strategic planning, tactical planning, communication and conflict-resolution skills, and functioning as a change agent will also be emphasized. (3 credit hours)

LS701 Mentored Ministry Experience.  Mentored Ministry Experience seeks to integrate the classroom with practical ministry in the church or church-related setting under the oversight of a faculty mentor or a field mentor. It provides for the practice of Christian ministry and reflection upon that ministry under qualified supervision. (1 credit hour)



Leadership Seminars

Becoming A Healthy Leadership Community (a two-hour to four-hour seminar on applying a principle-based governance model to the roles of elders, ministry staff, and ministry teams)

Becoming Biblical Leaders (a one-hour to three-hour seminar that examines the roles, functions, and style of Biblical leaders)

Putting into Place a Ministry Team System (a one-hour to three-hour seminar addressing the process of implementing effective ministry teams)

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Conference Notes

Leading Your Church to Be a Redemptive Community Conference
This manual of materials from the 2006 Elders' and Church Leaders' Conference can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the audio presentations by Jim Van Yperen and Dave Erickson on the topic, "Leading Your Church to Be a Redemptive Community." read more ...

Clergy Conference on Anger

Notes from a seminar presented by Dr. Ross Campbell of the Ministering to Ministers Foundation. The seminar provides a cultural and sociological perspective on why 19,000 ministers were forcibly terminated from their ministries last year.

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Leading Your Church from Good to Great Conference

A notebook of materials from the Februrary 2003 Elders and Church Leaders' Conference held at Lincoln Christian College and Seminary on the theme, Leading Your Church from Good to Great.

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Leadership Charts and Studies

Leadership Development Process

This chart depicts leadership development as an inside-out process that grows from one's relationship with Christ.

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Servant Leadership at LCU

This excerpt from an accreditation self-study report summarizes what is meant by servant leadership at Lincoln Christian University.  It includes a helpful chart that looks at seven images of servant leadership.


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Making a Difference: Serving as Christian Leaders

This study by Dr. Robert Lowery, Professor of New Testament at the Seminary, focuses on those passages in the New Testament dealing with elders and deacons. It gives special attention to the functions of elders and deacons as well as the qualifications for elders and deacons.


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